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Wimbledon Stadium, the scene of so much fantastic greyhound-racing history, has closed. The stadium had actually ended up in the hands Irish debt-management agency NAMA, who then sold it to Galliard Homes. Plans were submitted to London Council by Galliards to build a football stadium and houses and despite rival plans by Paschal Taggart to rebuild the greyhound stadium, Galliards received permission from the authorities. The last race-night took place on 25th March 2017.


The plans by Galliard Homes were opposed by residents of Wimbledon Park see more
and residents of Wandsworth also expressed their opposition to the plans see more

A petition to save the stadium was organised by the stock car racing community, supported by the greyhound folk.



The semi-finals of the greyhound derby on May 24th 2014, were also a celebration of the history of the stadium and the early days of greyhound racing. Mick The Miller featured heavily in that night`s race-card, the front cover of which was a copy of the first Wimbledon race-card of 19th May 1928.


For Mick The Miller`s race-record at Wimbledon click here


SHOW OF PASSION ( February 2014)

On February 24th 2014, a `Show Of Passion` gathering was held by greyhound lovers in London.

You can show your support for Wimbledon`s  redevelopment by joining the peaceful gathering of greyhound lovers at City Hall, London on Feb 17th at 2pm.

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Drawings of the alternative proposal by Paschal Taggart.

















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