Mick The Miller 

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The statue has had many visitors since the unveiling day back in January 2010.
By the following September, the first tourists had arrived from the UK.
Jean and John Barford from Worcester (near Birmingham) and friend Martin from London travelled to Killeigh specially to see the sculpture.

John and Jean Barford


 Mick with John and Jean Barford and their friend Martin


John and Jean Barford and Brendan Berry(MTM Committee) admiring Mick.




On 16th September Michael Tanner visited.  Michael of course is the author of Mick The Miller - Sporting Icon of the Depression. This was Michael`s first time back in Killeigh since he researched his book in 2002.


Michael Tanner and Mick


For newspaper reports on the above click here


On 12th September 2010, Peter Pearson (journalist and editor of the National Greyhound Form, Australia`s biggest selling greyhound paper), visited Mick the Miller`s birthplace. Peter had heard on the grapevine that there was to be a statue erected. Here he is standing on the proposed site.

"Where is he"?



On 28th August 2011 The Kilcormac Ramblers Group came for a tour of the village.

Tom Buckley of Kilcormac Ramblers with Mick.

You can view Tom`s video of the Killeigh tour and other Rambler`s videos here on youtube.com.


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