Mick The Miller 

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Fr Martin Brophy

Fr Martin Brophy was Mick The Miller`s breeder and owner . He was the parish curate in Killeigh from 1924 until 1930. He lived in Millbrook House on the edge of the village. Interestingly Fr Brophy officially registered himself, for greyhound racing purposes, as Mr B Murphy! The reason for this was that he didn`t want to attract too much attention to himself.

Irish Independant July 17th 1929

Fr Brophy is regarded as one of the greatest greyhound breeders ever. It is not just because he bred and trained Mick The Miller that he is held in such high regard though. His interest in greyhounds began while he was curate in Kiltegan, Co Wicklow before he came to Killeigh. His bitch Crom Abu won several coursing meets. He also owned a bitch called Na Bac Lei which brought with him to Killeigh.
Na Bac Lei needs no introduction as she is the Dam of Mick The Miller!

Fr Brophy bred and raced many greyhounds while administering in Killeigh. Greyhound men (and women) were frequent visitors to his parochial house which eventually became known as Millbrook Kennels. He sold dogs locally, to breeders from all around Ireland and UK and also to American breeders. In fact he actually sold both Mick The Miller and Macoma to an American but the deal was suddenly called off. Even though money had exchanged hands Fr Brophy decently returned the cheque to the American breeder.

Fr Brophy had a penchant for naming his dogs with the letter M. 
Apart from Mick The Miller he owned, among others, Macoma, Musty Miller, Merry Miller, Metalligon, Metalloid, Meconic, Millbrook, Mitella and Magical Maud.

Fr Brophy believed that Macoma was an even better dog than Mick The Miller. And while Macoma is not quite as famous as his brother, he is regarded as one of the greatest hurdlers of all time. He is also regarded as one of the most succesful sires of all time.

Surely this was an unbelievable achievement to train two such succesful dogs from the same litter.


Fr Martin Brophy

Fr Brophy left Killeigh in 1930 and moved just 10 miles away, to Daingean. In 1933 he took up the post of Parish Priest in Suncroft, Co Kildare where he lived until his passing in 1949.


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