Mick The Miller 

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This is a brass statue measuring 5 1/2 inches high.

We got it from Peter of Nottingham in England.

Peter`s mother always said that the statue was of Mick The Miller and that it was made at the time he was famous.

We think the statue and story are a lovely piece of memorablia and we think that it`s best to describe it
in Peter`s own words......


By Peter;
"The statue was always referred to as Mick while I was living at home and my mother told me that he was a famous racing dog.  When Mick came into my possession we moved to Linconshire and he got packed in a box and went into the loft, but twenty years on we have moved back to Nottinghamshire and whilst sorting the boxes I came across old Mick. 
I brought him to the kitchen where he sits in the windowsill and was spotted by two ladies who walked their greyhounds who admired it.
I decided to go on the computer and do some research, hence that`s how I found you. I hope this has been of interest to you as it has been to me.



Needless to say it was of great interest to us and we trust that you the viewer will think so too.

Many thanks to Peter for making contact with us.




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