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Mick The Miller is the most famous greyhound of all time.  He was born in 1926 in the village of Killeigh, County Offaly, Ireland at Millbrook House, the home of parish curate, Fr Martin Brophy. When he was born Mick was the runt of the litter but Michael Greene, who worked for Fr Brophy, singled  the little pup out as a future champion and insisted that he be  allowed to rear him. With constant attention and regular exercise Mick The Miller developed into a racing machine. His first forays were on local coursing fields where he had some success but he showed his real talent on the track where he won 15 of his first 20 races.


In 1929 Fr Brophy decided to try Mick in English Greyhound Derby at White City, London. On his first trial-run, Mick equalled the  track record. Then, in his first heat, he broke the world record, becoming the first greyhound ever to run 525 yards in under 30 seconds. Fr Brophy was inundated with offers and sold him to Albert Williams. Mick  went on to win the 1929 Derby. Within a year he had changed hands again to Arundel H Kempton and won the Derby for a second time.


Over the course of his English career he won 36 of his 48 races, including the  Derby (twice), the St Leger, the Cesarewitch, and the Welsh Derby.  He set six new world records and two new track records.  He was the first greyhound to win  19 races in a row. Several of his records went unbroken for over 40 years. He won, in total, almost 10,000 in prizemoney. But he also became the poster-dog for greyhound racing. He was a celebrity on a par with any sports person, musician or moviestar. The more famous he became, the more he attracted people to greyhound racing.  Thousands thronged to watch him, providing a huge boost to the sport. It is said that he actually saved the sport of greyhound racing. 


After retirement to stud his popularity continued.  He starred in the film Wild Boy (based on his life-story) in 1934 which was shown in cinemas all across the UK. He was in huge demand on the celebrity circuit, opening shops, attending big races and even rubbing shoulder with royalty (such as the King and Queen) at charity events. When he died in 1939 aged 12, his owner donated his body to the British Natural History Museum in London. And Mick`s fame has continued ever since. In 1981 he was inducted into the American Hall of Fame (International Section). In 1990 English author Michael Tanner published a book, Mick The Miller - Sporting Icon Of the Depression. And in 2011 the people of Killeigh erected a monument on the village green to honour their most famous son.  Mick The Miller is not just the most famous greyhound of all time but one of the most loved dogs that has ever lived.


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Belle Vue Stadium - Manchester

Bellu Vue Stadium is currently under threat from developers but a petition has been organised by a group of motor sports and greyhound racing fans to try and save it.  Please follow them on Facebook - Save Belle Vue Stadium Action Group or Twitter - @VueSave.

The petition can also be found on www.change.org - http://tinyurl.com/yak54c2c


Irish Game Fair

Mick The Miller was honoured at the 2017 Birr Game Fair which took place on 26th and 27th August at Birr Castle, Co Offaly.  The front cover of that Summer`s Country Sports and Country Life magazine featured a painting of Mick the Miller and Master McGrath. The painting by John R Moore was commisioned by the Great Game Fairs of Ireland Committee to promote the Mick The Miller race which was held at Birr and the Master McGrath race held at Shane`s Castle, Antrim. The Great Game Fairs Committee also generously presented a print of the painting to the Mick The Miller Commemoration Committee.  In 2018 the Game Fair will be held at Shane`s Castle, Co Antrim.  Once again both Mick The Miller and Master McGrath races will be held and prizes relating to both greyhounds will be presented to the winners.



This beautiful rosette was made by Peppi Greco in Florida, USA and sent to Killeigh as a present for Mick.



Irish TV (Sky Channel 191) recently filmed in Killeigh. Here is the link (Mick the Miller piece is at 4 mins 30 secs).


Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium

For details on the proposed redevelopment of Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium click here

New Book Launch

The Mick The Miller monument was recently included in a new book IMMORTALS OF BRITISH SPORT - A Celebration Of Britain`s Sporting History Through Sculpture by Ian Hewitt and Sampson Lloyd.  This is a fantastic read for anyone interested in art or sport.   Mick is featured on pages 90/91.  The online version of the book can be viewed at Immortals Of British Sport.

 Monument Unveiling Ceremony

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Monument Visitors

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